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New Capital

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The City Valley compound, the new administrative capital, distinct facades and integrated services, which is ideal for quiet family life, in one of the best locations of the administrative capital, buildings of the City Valley are characterized by modern architectural design spaces ranging from 100 meters to 266 meters, the price per square meter starts from 11,500 pounds without a down payment and 6 years payment facilities.

About the project:
EG MASTER Real Estate Development in the new administrative capital launches its project Compound The City Valley. The project consists of 63 acres. The lowest percentage of loading in the administrative capital of apartments from 7% to 15%) The areas of the apartments start from the first:
- 68 m (reception, kitchen, bathroom)
- 100 m (master bedroom / reception / kitchen / bathroom)
- 120m to 128m +140 (2 bedrooms / 3 bathrooms / kitchen / reception)
- 160 m or 173 m (3 rooms / 3 bathrooms / kitchen / reception)
- 200 m + 213 m (4 rooms / 3 bathrooms / kitchen / reception)
- Receipt is semi-finished with conch, grooves and external facades

We are present in the R7 investment area In the new administrative capital on a square from the regional ring on a major axis, R7 is 90 meters wide close to Al Masa Hotel and Exhibition City, 5 minutes from the Green River, next to the Embassy District and 20 minutes from the Presidential Palace and an airport. The new administrative capital The Green River (a central garden, industrial lakes and a service area of 35 km in length and an area of 100 acres extending across the entire administrative capital)

Electronic gates, surveillance cameras, security and guards 24 hours
The percentage of buildings in the compound is only 19%
An integrated social sports club with an area of 3.5 acres average compound
Buildings in the capital are all + 7 floors
Swimming pool + industrial lakes + tennis courts + volleyball + handball.
Fountains for dancing fountains, areas for relaxation and areas for children
Masjid + nursery International
All facilities and services are powered by solar energy
There is an entertainment mall on the front of the project on the R7 side
The compound serves shopping malls, restaurants, cafés, and most famous international brands, as well as cinemas complex
There is a special area for the villas inside the compound

Payment methods:
0% down payment and the rest over 6 years
10% down payment and the rest over 7 years
15% down payment and the rest over 8 years
20% down payment + 5% down payment after one year + 5% down payment after two years and the rest over 9 years

About the developer:
Real estate development and exclusive sales management for more than one coastal project such as White Bay village of Ras Sidr (km 63) Mini Compound Blue North Coast inside the village of Heliopolis (Aida) km 77 The city valley compound in the administrative capital is one of the company's projects besides the Asgard mall inside the administrative capital also and currently a village, valley - red sea - Rassudr in kg 48

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