10 Great Ways to Innovate:

So, what is innovation?

It is the successful introduction of a new product, services or process into the marketplace. (Simple.Def)

  1. One of the best ways to innovate is to pinch an idea that works elsewhere and apply it in your business that help to develop and generate anew ideas that might help to produce new projects.

  2. Use surveys tools, If you simply ask your customers how you could improve your product or service they will give you plenty of ideas for incremental innovations, it would be a simple way to get more information that help you.

  3. one of the most tools you should to use is to Ask your staff. Challenge the people who work in the business to find new and better ways to do things and new and better ways to please customers. They are close to the action and can see opportunities for innovation. Often they just need encouragement to bring forward great ideas.

  4. You have to be smart and objectives to do Plan that Including targets for new products and services in your business plan, Put it onto the balanced scorecard, Write innovation into everyone’s objectives, Measure it and it will happen.

  5. Use and Run brainstorms, Have regular brainstorm meetings where you generate a large quantity of new product ideas, Use diverse groups from different areas of the business and include a provocative outsider e.g. a customer or supplier.

  6. You have to ask – what if? Do some lateral thinking by asking what if…..? three or five times, Challenge every boundary and assumption that applies in your field, You and your group will come up with amazing ideas once the normal constraints are lifted.

  7. You need to watch the competition, Do not ignore following the competition but watch them intelligently. The small guys are often the most innovative so see if you can adapt or license one of their ideas – or even buy the company, and also you need to outsource. Subcontract your new product development challenge to a design company, a University, a start-up or your dreams sometimes.

  8. Before you adapt a product to a new use. Find an entirely different application for an existing product. many firms produced industrial diamonds but found a new use for diamonds when they introduced the concept of engagement rings. It opened up a large new market for them.

  9. Go back in time, time is really important to Look back at methods and services that were used in your sector years ago but have now fallen out of use. Can you bring one back in a new updated form? It has been said that Speed Dating is really a relaunch of a Victorian dance format where ladies had cards marked with appointments.

  10. Finally you have to Use social networks, you need to Follow trends and ask questions on groups like Twitter or Facebook, you must to Ask what people want to see in future products or what the big new idea will be, to know that Many early adopters are active on social network groups and will happily respond with suggestions.

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